Interesting Case of Coon hound Paralysis

This past month I have been busy with the opportunity to treat a sweet dog who was completely paralyzed and flat down with what I was told was a case of “Coon hound Paralysis.” If you haven’t heard of this affliction, it is caused by a tick born disease. The pit mix named Tiger came to me from Davis. The owners had been manually rotating him for over a month due to his inability to move to prevent bedsores and fluid on his lungs. They asked me if there was anything that integrative medicine could do to help Tiger and improve his quality of life. We decided to try acupuncture.

It took us 4 treatments for him to be able to walk but I could see him getting stronger and showing signs of improvement with each acupuncture treatment. After the first treatment he was able to move his neck and lift his head. After the second treatment he was able to sit up on his sternum. I also gave instructions for some exercises for them to do at home — to prop Tiger up on his forefeet to give him the sensation of weight on his feet and associate his mind and body for coordination to walk again. After the fourth treatment, he was able to tentatively walk in to the exam room on his own.

My most recent visit with Tiger was amazing. I heard all of this commotion in the waiting room and in came Tiger wagging his tail on his own two feet, bounding in to the exam room. He’s in a good place and I can just see him in re-check. The family is heading back home now.