Senior pets require patience and special care

I have a special place in my heart and my practice for the senior animals. They may require a little more diligence in feeding and care but they make loving and loyal companions. They are perfect for a household that is quieter and more mature. You will be surprised how deep and meaningful it is to adopt and share your life with an older animal. They lack the frenetic energy and destructive tendencies of puppies and are already house-trained. Instead of focusing on chasing a puppy around, you can actually have a relationship with a mature animal that is calm and intelligent.

For a senior dog, there is a big-hearted and fantastic organization that cares for older pets called Muttville. I have worked with the wonderful people there in the past and they do important and good work. If you are considering adopting a dog, think of looking in to Muttville, saving a deserving animal and giving them a second chance at life.

Here is a link to a kind write-up Muttville did of my work with them.

And here is the link to their main home page with pictures of all of the adorable “mutts.”

If you’re a cat person, there is an equally great organization called Give Me Shelter that rescues senior cats from being unnecessarily euthanized. This is the link to their website and details.

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