Having tried all mediations and treatments to help my senior dog, Peach, with Cushing disease and a degenerative neurological condition, Dr. Fong was recommended to me as someone to use for acupuncture. I had never used acupuncture before — on myself or any of my pets — but things had been getting quickly worse with Peach, and I was desperate. I am happy to say that within two treatments, Peach noticeably improved and stabilized. She has remained basically stable now for months, and all the other vets are always so surprised to see how her decline has stopped/slowed, and how she is still able to walk. I attribute this to Dr. Fong’s acupuncture treatments, and various herbal supplements and feeding recommendations he gave me. Thank you Dr. Fong!!

David M. & Peach

I first met Dr. Fong in April 2009 when he began treating my 7 year old Scottish Terrier Skye’s hypothyroidism. The thyroid can be a challenge to regulate but with frequent acupuncture treatments and daily combinations of Chinese herbs, Dr. Fong accomplished that task within a few months. During that time however Skye kept shifting between being energetic and lethargic. The key to resolving that issue was Dr. Fong’s suggestion to add just a small portion of Thyroxin to Skye’s regime. With that addition, Skye’s thyroid stabilized. He continued to receive regular acupuncture, Chinese herbs, the small portion of Thyroxin, and his thyroid remained stable throughout the remainder of his life.

During a 3 months period in 2011, the kidney/liver numbers on Skye’s blood panels were slowly but steadily increasing. An ultra sound scan revealed two masses: one on his liver and one on his bladder. The liver mass was benign but the bladder mass was a Transitional Cell Carcinoma. It was surgically removed but the liver mass was inoperable and I was informed that it would continue to grow larger. Dr. Fong focused his acupuncture and herbal combinations on supporting Skye’s liver function, balancing his whole system, and maintaining his sense of well-being. After his surgery on December 10th, 2011 the western medicine vets involved gave Skye 3 to 6 months until he would have major problems. With Dr. Fong’s skills, knowledge and expertise, Skye lived for 2 years, 3 months and 12 days before the liver mass crowded his other organs to the point where they couldn’t properly function any longer. Skye was consulted, with the aid of my animal communicator friend, and told us that he was done, his work on the planet was finished. Skye was put to sleep on March 22, 2014. He was a very valiant, persistent, and sweet little guy. I’m convinced that he wouldn’t have been able to live that long with a good quality of life without Dr. Fong’s assistance. To Skye, Dr. Fong was the “cookie man.” He couldn’t get to his office fast enough and always kept a close eye on him from the moment we arrived until we walked out the door. Eternal gratitude to you, Dr. Fong!

Jean & Skye