We have had Hydie 11 years this August. She has been a blessing in our lives and friends and family. At the beginning of April, she had a hard time going up and down steps so I had my husband build a ramp. She did pretty good going up and down for a couple of weeks then gave up as she could hardly walk. I took her to our vet on April 14th. He did an exam and X-rays, gave her an injection of dexamethasone and 10mg of prednisone. I gave her the meds as prescribed and took her back to the vet on the 30th. He did an exam and gave her an injection of vetalog and clavamox. I have been carrying her around for 2 weeks. My heart broke as she couldn’t walk at all. I took her for a walk every day in a doggy stroller. I heard about acupuncture for animals and called everyone listed. All were filled up for a month or more. Out of desperation I begged to bring her in to the Wellness Center and got an appointment that week. As soon as I met Dr. Fong, I knew she was in good hands and I had hope. After her first appointment, she was able to walk slowly for a short period of time. After the second treatment, she was walking more and was happier than she had been in a month. After 4 treatments, she ran in to his office. She is walking every day as she used to, to the park and back. A little slower but doing the same distance she always did. We started treatment once a week and now down to once every 3 weeks. I think we are probably done with treatments soon. Thank you Dr. Fong. Hydie and I will miss you.

Donna Y. & Hydie

Dr. Fong treated my 16-year-old cat, Sierra for hyperthyroidism and the effects of a mast cell tumor that was surgically removed from her head. She is doing quite well thanks to Dr. Fong’s monthly acupuncture and herbal combinations. Her quality of life is good and her purr is back full force!

Jean L. & Sierra