We’ve been taking our 11-year old Lab, Sassafras, to acupuncture with Dr. Fong for the past 2 years. In that time, we’ve seen a world of difference in her mobility and energy levels! Prior to that, her hip and elbow dysplasia and arthritis made it difficult for her to use stairs and she was constantly slipping on our hardwood floors. Now, she runs (everywhere) around the house and yard, fetches obsessively, and constantly begs to be taken for a swim — pretty much back to her old self. It’s wonderful to see her feeling good and pain-free. We all love Dr. Fong!

Nhi & Sassy

Having tried all mediations and treatments to help my senior dog, Peach, with Cushing disease and a degenerative neurological condition, Dr. Fong was recommended to me as someone to use for acupuncture. I had never used acupuncture before — on myself or any of my pets — but things had been getting quickly worse with Peach, and I was desperate. I am happy to say that within two treatments, Peach noticeably improved and stabilized. She has remained basically stable now for months, and all the other vets are always so surprised to see how her decline has stopped/slowed, and how she is still able to walk. I attribute this to Dr. Fong’s acupuncture treatments, and various herbal supplements and feeding recommendations he gave me. Thank you Dr. Fong!!

David M. & Peach