Dr. David Fong has been caring for animals using multiple modalities including acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs, nutrition and contact reflex analysis as well as western veterinary medicine. He received his DVM and veterinary training at Colorado State University  Veterinary School and has practiced complementary and alternative medicine since 1995. A certified veterinary acupuncturist and herbalist from the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society.  Dr. Fong also attended Yo San University  and attained his Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine and after passing the state exam is also a California board-certified and licensed human acupuncturist.  He is a Diplomat of Oriental Medicine and practices in Colorado monthly both humans and animals.  He provides acupuncture, homeopathy, nutritional advice and is dedicated to exploring different modalities to discover a harmonious and integrated set of techniques for the well-being and health of his patients.

Dr. Fong was previously head of the integrative veterinary medicine department at VCA San Francisco Veterinary Specialists for the past 10 years. He also was a clinician at San Rafael Animal Wellness Center of Marin being a part of the Rehab facility practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Dr. Fong shares his home with a senior cat and a feisty little kitten. When not caring for animals, he is an avid golfer and can be found on various Bay Area golf courses. He also has been involved with many other activities and interest such as taiko drumming, dragon boat training, Japanese sword training, and he enjoys being a world traveler.


The holistic approach to veterinary medicine is excellent for preventative care and health optimization, as well as treatment of chronic conditions. Holistic modalities, such as acupuncture and herbal medicine, are use to balance the “whole” animal, so that your friend can heal and maintain the highest possible quality of life. What makes holistic treatments different from more traditional care is that they are customized to the whole pet, not just to the disease.

The techniques used in holistic medicine are gentle and minimally invasive. During appointments, we focus on the patient’s well-being and stress reduction. As part of ongoing treatment or a general wellness plan, our holistic specialists provide the following services:

logo-bullet Acupuncture
logo-bullet Traditional Chinese Medicine
logo-bullet Chinese Herbal Medicine
logo-bullet Homeopathy
logo-bullet Nutritional counseling
logo-bullet Chiropractic treatments
logo-bullet Homotoxicology