We work with clients to teach them how to help their companion animal maintain good health. Holistic medicine can be used to address most conditions, including the following:

logo-bullet Muscoloskeletal problems, such as arthritis and hip/elbow dysplasia
logo-bullet Rehabilitation after an injury or a surgery
logo-bullet Chronic degenerative diseases
logo-bullet Cancer
logo-bullet Allergies
logo-bullet Chronic sinusitis
logo-bullet Asthma
logo-bullet Gastro-intestinal problems, such as irritable bowel disorder
logo-bullet Kidney, liver and otehr organ failures
logo-bullet Pancreatitis
logo-bullet Depressed immune system function
logo-bullet Behavioral issues, such as fear and aggression
logo-bullet Anxiety, insomnia and stress
logo-bullet Skin allergies and other dermatologic conditions

Animal Acupuncture

Specific points in the body stimulated to create a healing response. This technique has been practiced for thousands of years to treat a multitude of ailments.  

Herbal Medicine

Both Western and Chinese herbs are used to treat different ailments in the pet. As science advances, there is evidence that herbs can have profound health effects.