Rehabilitation – Golden Gait Canine

The role of acupuncture in the multimodal approach for pain management in small animals is crucial for overall success in individual therapeutic treatment plans.
In rehabilitation therapy the primary objective is pain management, and acupuncture can significantly affect pain levels with sustaining effects much longer than any rehabilitation therapy can provide. I have seen many successful cases who have received acupuncture in combination with rehabilitation therapy including spinal cord injury, chronic arthritis or degenerative joint disease,  senior care and conservative management of many conditions like anterior cruciate ligament tears in the dog.
Through working with Dr. Fong for over five years I have also experienced his success treating conditions not related to rehabilitation therapy with great success. He has a global approach to the care of animals and looks at every aspect including, the environment to help make daily life better. Dr. Fong has such a large toolbox to offer in holistic veterinary medicine which is very unique and should be taken advantage of by anyone in his region!!
— Kristen L Hagler BS(An.Phys) RVT CCRP CVPP COCM CBW
Small blue diamondAmerican Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians – (Vice President) technician association board
Small blue diamondAcademy of Physical Rehabilitation Veterinary Technicians (proposed) – Organizing Committee
Small blue diamondCertified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner
Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner
Small blue diamondCertified Osteoarthritis Case Manager
Small blue diamondCanine Body Worker
Small blue diamondPenn HIP Associate Member
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